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In this video ( Masha of Arkona says a greeting, and then I assume "my friends." As best I can tell, the greeting is "Zdravye." I've asked my Russian step-aunt and she confirmed that it's modern Russian, but simply left it at being a greeting.

Would anyone here be able to expand upon what exactly it is being said? Such as the root word, literal meaning, and possible conjugations?

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    She said "Здравие, друзья мои" wich means "Hello, my friends". I guess she said it because she wanted to be original. The word "здравие" is an obsolete word, so it's not common in modern Russian, it has the same meaning as the word "здоровье". When you say "Здравствуйте/здравствуй" literally it means that you wish someone to be healthy.
    Here are conjugations:
    падеж ед. ч. мн. ч.
    Им. здра́вие здра́вия
    Р. здра́вия здра́вий
    Д. здра́вию здра́виям
    В. здра́вие здра́вия
    Тв. здра́вием здра́виями
    Пр. здра́вии здра́виях


    I think she pretends to be original and a little oldish (as she sings in very old Russian style).
    But the expression "Здравия желаю/здравия желаем" is used now in the Russian military, it is obliged.
    На приветствие начальника или старшего "Здравствуйте, товарищи" все военнослужащие, находящиеся в строю или вне строя, отвечают: "Здравия желаем". При этом добавляются слово "товарищ" и воинское звание. Например: "Здравия желаем, товарищ младший сержант", "Здравия желаем, товарищ мичман".

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