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What does 'a-legal' in the following sentence mean?

The system is run with “complete discretion, at the margins of legality and outside all serious control,” the newspaper said, describing it as “a-legal.”

Thank you.

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    "A-legal" is most likely an invented term for the article. The prefix "a" changes the meaning of a word to the negative. So, "a-legal" would mean "not legal".


    I've never heard of the term.
    It does sound like "illegal" which given the context would fit.
    Perhaps others have heard the term and can help us.


    Yes as Darren mentioned, it's a strange term which I also have never heard before. I'm guessing that it's a term to describe that this activity they are doing is very close to being illegal but in legal terms is still legal. However I don't think "a legal" is a real term, more a play of words to describe that particular situation.

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