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Could you please tell me whether I can say "drink milk" without words like "some or any"?

I know if it is countable words such as "apple" "cat", there must be words like "a" "the" some, any...,they cannot be alone. What about uncountable words such as "milk", flour....

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    Dude, u can wether say for example ''i drank some milk'' or ''i drank milk'' but i'm not sure 'bout the ''any''


    You can say "drink milk" if you are only talking generally. If you are talking about a specific event or quantity, use some/any.

    "I drink milk everyday, so now I will drink some milk. Do you want some/any milk?"


    Usage with "any" can be used like this:
    "Do you have any milk?"
    "Does John have any milk with his cookies?"
    "The store does not have any milk left."

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