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Finding Korean Conjugations/Dictionaries...

I am having some trouble... I have been memorizing TOPIK Korean verb flashcards, and it's been great. However, it only shows the words in dictionary form, ex: "걷다". And in Korean, there are many irregular verb forms, for example "걷다" actually changes to "걸려요." So I tried to look up the verbs, to clarify each one, but I couldn't! In online dictionaries like Naver or Daum, they just show the word being used in advanced situations or just as dictionary form, so I cant tell by the sentence examples. I've looked at previews of physical dictionaries, and they seem to just show the dictionary form and do not clarify. I found two websites called Verbix and Dongsa which show all conjugations of the verbs you enter, however, it does not show the definition. If you enter "걷다", it will show the irregular verb and the regular verb. So, I am not sure. Does anyone have a way to find how to conjugate verbs/see if they're irregular? Maybe see their causative/passive form too?

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    As I see it, you should learn how to refer to dictionary. for example,

    I recommend you Daum 국어사전.

    발음 : [걷:따] // pronunciation
    형태분석 : [+걷_다] // grammatical form analysis
    변화 : [ㄷ불규칙] // variations, that is "ending conjugation"

    Besides, you can refer the conjugation rule through a Korean grammar textbook, such as "Korean grammar for international learners". You can download this ebook from

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