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Does "encargados de" mean "responsible for"?

I read the phrase "encargados de" in a Spanish Wikipedia article. I believe it translates to "responsible for," but I am not sure. Could someone confirm this and give an example? Here is an example I thought of: "Encargados de enviar la carta" = "Responsible for mailing the letter."

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    Es una traducción muy correcta.

    "Encargado de" == "Responsable for",
    "A cargo de" == "In charge of"

    Hi !
    "Encargado de" means "in charge of".
    The word "encargado" is used to describe the person responsible for realizing something, and also to describe a person's position within a hierarchical scale in the work place.
    " Ser el encargado" means be the manager.
    " Estar a cargo " means be in charge.
    The interpretation of the word will be: is the person who carries the responsibility of performing or realizing a particular action or a set of tasks.
    You can say: " mi amigo me encargó enviar una carta " ( my friend commissioned me to send a letter / asked me to send a letter )
    " John es el encargado de recibir a los invitados y presentar el nuevo producto " ( John is responsible of receiving the guests and presenting the new product )
    " Ella es la encargada de marketing de la empresa " ( She's the manager of marketing in the company )
    I hope that my comment has been useful.

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