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سأجعلك سعيدًا. و .سأسعدها

how to read the sentence?
and its meaning please

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    سأجعلك سعيدًا. و .سأسعدها

    how to read the sentence?and its meaning please

    سأجعلك سعيدًا = sa a'ja'loka sa'eedan ( I'll make you happy)
    سأسعدها = sa u-s-e-duha (I'll make her happy)
    س if we add it to a verb it means its in the future ( سأقوم ب - سأذهب - سأذاكر) = same as سوف but س is sooner than سوف <sometimes
    أجعل = make
    adding اجعل or not, all means the same but I think سأجعلك سعيداً means I'll make you happy by doing things you like or that makes you happy.. but سأسعدها means I'll make her happy by being with her (it has more feelings and it's romantic)
    NOTE: سأجعلك سعيداً = is a direct sentence, its like you are talking to the person you love and saying: ill make you happy.
    سأسعدها = is an indirect sentence. its like talking to your lover's father and saying: I'll make her happy.

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