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For Vixx's Hyde various sites translate
"막으려 해봐도 날뛰는 내 모습 병적인 수위를 초월했어"  as
" I try to block myself but as I saw myself
jumping around, I knew I was sick" (cr popgasa)
The part after 막으려해봐도 is confusing to me. Can someone explain why it is translated in this way?

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    막으려 해도 -> Even though (I) try to stop (myself)
    날뛰는 내 모습 -> my looks on a rampage
    * 날뛰는 -> raving, raging, on a rampage (adjective clause)
    * 내 모습 - my looks

    병적인 수위 -> a morbid level
    초월했어 -> transcended
    In fact, I would say 초월했어 is not a correct word here. It would be "넘어섰어" or "초과했어" which means "exceed".

    Accordingly, the whole sentence could be translated into English as follows.
    Even though I have tried to stop myself, the raving looks of myself exceeded a morbid level.
    The English translation would sound awkward to native speakers but it cannot be helped if you try to translate one language into another word for word, not liberally.

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