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What does this word mean?

I know that "Wójcik" is a very popular surname in Poland. Can you tell me, if there is a surname "Nawójcik"? Is it popular and what does it mean?

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Here I've found surname Nawojczyk. What does it mean? What is it's genealogy?

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    You should ask this in the Polish section of Answers


    Hi :) My surname is Wójcik. And I think there is no such surname as Nawójcik, at least I have never heard it.

    Imo surename is just surename. Everything is possible. So many people lives here so I think nawojczyk can exist:) but is it so important ? :)

    I never heard of Nawójcik. But there is Nawojczyk, as well as Wojczyk. Nawójcik sounds strange. Nawojczyk doesnt sound just like "na" added to Wojczyk, it isn't probably made this way.

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