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Help for some Uyghur words translation

How do you say the following words and terms in Uyghur? Please write them by Arabic Uyghur letters. Thanks a lot!

Reception Desk (a big table for the clerks or salesperson which is in a hotel or in a shop maybe) =
Baggage Claim (it's a long moving strip in the airports that carries the passengers' baggage) =
Arrival Hall (in airports) =
Departure Hall (in airports) =
Flight Attendant =
Single-Room (a room in a hotel which has 1 bed) =
Double Room (a room in a hotel which has 2 beds) =
Room Service (the act of cleaning the rooms in a hotel by a servant) =
Porter (a worker in a hotel who carries the baggage for the guests of the hotel) =
sights (places of interest for tourists, like the Great wall of China or the Tian An Men square) =
Christ Redeemer (it's in Brazil) =
The Statue Of Liberty (in the US) =
The Forbidden City (in Beijing) =
Machu Picchu =
Chichen Itza's Pyramid (in Mexico) =
Alhambra palace (in Spain) =
The Acropolis (in Greece) =
Statues Of Easter Island =
The Hagia Sophia (in Turkey) =
Red Square (in Moscow) =
Stonehenge (in England) =
Sydney Opera House =
Mount Everest =
The Tower Of London =
Tian An Men =
Kremlin (in Moscow) =

For learning: Uyghur
Base language: Uyghur
Category: Language


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