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你在什么情况下用 坏怂娃 这个词?


你能不能对于 坏怂娃 这个词告诉我细节?比如,在什么情况下说别人是怂娃?能给我一个在中国通常发生的案件?用这个词的是什么样的人,从哪个社会层次平时来的?在中国哪个地方(省)用的最多?我这里当然不想学习在中国怎么最好可以骂人 :D ,但是愿意进一步加深对于中国文化的了解,特别是看电影的时候用的语言。提前谢谢你!

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    Never heard of it. Should be certain dialect of northern China by the use of 怂. I suggest you ignore it cuz in my 23 years time in China, I never heard people say it in both real life or on TV. But I can tell you the meaning of each character and words with close meaning.

    坏 means "bad". Simple.

    怂 means "coward"(adj). It's a fairly offensive term used often in the north. It implies a person can get cocky, bully, etc. when they face no threat, but becomes coward when real courage is needed, and you despise him.

    娃 is "kid, child", "young person", or someone your age. When used here it means you don't respect this person.

    Related words: 怂货. 货 is "goods", "merchandise". When using it to describe a person, it means you despise and hate him so much that you don't even see him as a person, instead, a thing. e.g. 怂货 a coward; 贱货 a person who doean't have dignity and honor.

    Wow,lady,you know more Chinese than I do!I have never never heard of this term before.Where did you learn this? And personally I don't think you need to know much about expressions like this since they probably are regional slang terms and don't sound posh,nor educated.But well done on your Chinese,from your text I can tell your Chinese does indeed have a build-up.

    this is a kind of dialect which comes from the province Shaanxi.
    坏 is the same with the official chinese. it means bad or awful etc.
    怂 means coward in official chinese. but here it is used with 娃 together. 怂娃 doesn't exist in official chinese. in this dialect, 怂娃 means 货 in official chinese.
    attention: 货 here is used for some person. this is very very impolite. u can see it as the word "jerk" in english.
    for example, 这货很讨厌。 in polite way, it means 这人很讨厌。
    娃 in official chinese means kid. but in this dialect, it can represent any person. so it just like "guy" or "man" in english.

    in fact, i have never heard about "坏怂娃"
    if u really want to know some words of this dialect...
    u can say : 怂娃 (just like what I just said) u can say: 你真是个怂娃。 which means u r really a jerk.
    there is another worse word: 瓜怂.
    瓜 in this dialect means fool.
    so u can say: 你真是个瓜怂。 which means u r a fool jerk........well, a fool jerk... haha~~

    anyway, all of these stuff are about a kind of dialect. lots of chinese cant even understand them.
    so u can leave them alone. if u really are interested in these, don't forget that these words are very impolite.

    I've never heard about this term either, and the meaning of the term I guessed didn't come close to '貨'. Weiyang is right in that there are so many dialectic Chinese expressions that one cannot hope to know them all, but I think the attempt to know them is a good thing if that helps you understand more about Chinese culture.






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