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What kinds of accents do you have in the Netherlands?

Question is just like that. I am studying Dutch now, and also want to choose accent to practice.

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You can be sure that I dont want to speak Flamish. Now I live in Brabant, and they ponunce sentences more in "hard" way than they do in the radio. The "r" is different. So I'am not sure which accent is standarised one. In Amsterdam they speak a bit different than in Tilburg. I used to speak with 3 teachers, using also one audio book to learn and in every case I hear diferenceses In pronunciation.

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    I'd stick to standardised Dutch if I were you. 'Vlaams/Flamish' is the Belgian variation,.. 'Fries/Frisian' is a language by itself. There's some dialect spoken in parts of the country, but that's pretty much standard Dutch with slight variations in words/phrases. It's not worth the trouble speaking Dutch in accent/dialect they use in for instance 'de achterhoek' or 'Limburg' unless you specifically choose to go to that region and really want to blend in.


    Fries, Limburgs, Drents, Amsterdams, Brabants and Vlaams.
    Those are all the Dutch accents I can come up with.

    If that's the case then it's more about consistency, but I think that's not really that important at an early stage. I could hear whether someone's from Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Brabant, but only because of minor differences in pronounciation in the language as a whole. It is consistently the same language, using the exact same words. There's no wrong way to do it, they're all correct pronounciations and people will understand you all the same. If you pronounce words in different "accents" in the same sentence I don't think I wouldn't be able to differentiate between them. Just learn the words and speak the language frequently, you'll get a feel for it. Just know there's no way to go wrong (unless you mix in Frisian of course haha ;]).

    * I meant: I don't think I would be able to differentiate between them. :) sorry, typo.


    Hey Kuba, we've had some contact in Dutch. What did you notice about my accent in comparison to the other people you have spoken to? Am I from the North or from the South? Does my Dutch sound smooth or rough, monotonous or polytonous? You will start to recognize the Dutch far more when you begin to wonder this for yourself!
    Moreover, I know that Youtube has an abundance of movies which are great for listening to accents or for enjoying the Dutch culture.

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