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Does this sentence mean, " Emi, Ryoukun, Koujikun, and I played." ?

If so, why is there a の四人?

Could this sentence simply by stated as : 私とえみさんとりょうくんとこうっじくんと遊びました。? Is the grammar correct in the sentence I just wrote?

Thank you! ありがとうございます!

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    I think your original sentence is missing the case particle. If the sentence was "えみさんとりょうくんとこうじくんと私の四人で遊びました。" (notice the で between 四人 and 遊び), it would mean "The four of us, Emi, Ryo, Koji and I, played."

    I think Ryuutarou's sentence sounds good.

    の四人 is only an additional piece of information.
    If you write without の四人, you should write ''私とえみさんとりょうじくんとこうじさんで遊びました''

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