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In a website I saw that "Thank you" in Okinawa/Uchinaguchi is "nifee deebiru".

"nifee deebiru" は おきなわの方言ですか?どのように発音しますか?カタカナかひらがなで書いてください。

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    Correct. It's the standard Okinawan for "thank you." (in addition to the standard dialect, there are many varieties in Okinawa that are not necessarily mutually intelligible)

    In case you are interested, the phrase can be translated word by word into standard Japanese: ニフェー->にはい=(kanji)二拝=bow twice
    ビル->はべる =be humble/take a respectful attitude

    That's just etymology though. I only know a little Okinawan but i'm pretty sure they don't run an analysis like this in their head every time they utter the phrase.

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