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Porque o Por Qué


What is the difference?

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    ¿Por qué? > A question
    Porqué > Sustantive

    Check it !

    Porque means because. "Por qué" means why.

    if you want to make a questions use : ¿Por qué?
    for response this questions , u can not be reused Por qué (Not exist) , in those cases you should be used Porque

    Por que es para preguntar y porque es para contestar
    como en ingles Why y because

    why= por qué

    because= porque

    But there is a case when "por qué" is used although there not be a question, and it's the same than in english. For example this sentence:

    I don't know why he said that = No se por qué el dijo éso

    Obviously, "por qué" will always means "why", but what I'm trying to explain here is the fact of you can use "por qué" within thosekind of sentences although there not be a question.

    I hope I'd helped you!

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