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    看起来:look like

    "看起来"can be used at the beginning of a sentence,"显得" cannot.Like“看起来他不太高兴”,显得can't be used to start a sentence.otherwise they can generally be used interchangeably,like"他看起来不太高兴",or“他显得不太高兴”。Both are OK in this case.

    显得 implies what something/somebody appears to be, it's more objective. 看起来 implies what you see from them, "looks like", it's more subjective, may differ from person to person. But generally they don't have too much difference. Even when you say 显得, people still think it's just what you see and may not be how it is in fact (and it's true!). So you don't have to worry too much about it.

    In grammar, Weiyang Luo is right.

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