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Can I use this pronunciation 'ß' for which situation?

When I am creating a phrase, which of these examples should I use?

Wie heißen Sie? (hie-ssen)
Ich heißen Diego (hie-ssuh)

Doesn't matter what pronunciation I need to use? Or there's a specific
for which situation?

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    The words are different:
    Wie heißen Sie? IPA approximately: ['haisen], English: "HI-ssen"
    Ich heiße (!) Diego. ['haisɘ], "HI-ssuh"

    The diphtong "ei" is the same as in English "hide". Final e is often a weak "uh" sound (schwa, [ɘ]).

    ich weiß nicht ob ich deine Frage richtig verstehe, aber richtig ist:
    Wie heißen Sie?
    Ich heiße Diego.
    "heissen" oder "heisse" ist nicht korrekt.

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