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The letter ր changes it's sound

I was wondering about the letter ր and the way it sounds at the end of a word.
I found 3 words that end with ր and it has 3 different sounds (to my ear): t, r, sh

հայր - ր sounds like t
դուստր - ր sounds like r
ջրնարար - ր sounds like sh

Is it really that the letter sounds different? Or is it just a matter of pronouncing?

Additional Details:

Thanks Kasper,
All of the ր sound the same in Armenian???
I am listening to a recording of those words and they sound so different in each of the words above.
I fixed the last word that you told me to check its spelling. It's supposed to mean "a builder" maybe?
ջինարար and in the recording it sounds like : Shinarash.
How would you pronounce it?


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    all [ր] sound the same.. հայր.. դուստր.. ջրնարար (check the spelling for the last one)

    a word Հայտ (with [տ] in the end) is different. It's for application, request. Good luck!


    Actually, there are some signs similar to latin [r]. these are [ռ], [ր], [ղ].. but all those are considered different letters. I was talking about [ր], which sounds the same in every way – softer. I can write you transcriptions for those letters, but I don't think that's going to make any sense. I pronounce them to Skype to my students for several hangouts..this is how they get the difference of so many similar sounds in Armenian. Good luck!


    p.s. շինարար is that (starting with [շ]), which stands for constructor, industrial worker

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