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잘 못 does also mean "These days I don't.."

I was watching a korean program when one of the MCs said to one of the guests:

한우 잘 못먹어요?

In the english subs they translated it as "do you not get to eat beef often"? And that is what confuses me. I know that "잘 못" can be used along with verbs to take the meaning of 수영을 잘 못해요 (I'm not good at swimming/I can't swim well).

So can someone please tell me if it has more meanings?

And I remember also that some days ago I was talking with one korean friend that likes to drink alcohol. We were joking around and I suddenly asked him if 오빠는 요즘 술을 마싰죠? And he answered me: 아니요. 오빠는 잘 못마셔요.
I assumed that he wanted to say "I can't drink alcohol well "(maybe because he had stomachache or something) But I just realized that maybe I interpreted it in the wrong way and what he really wanted to say was that "I don't drink alcohol since time ago".

이 두 문제를 대답하면 정말 감사할 것입니다!

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    "못하다" has a lot of meanings. it Is used as a verb, adjective, auxiliary verb, or auxiliary adjective. Therefore, the context is very important. you should refer to your Korean dictionary.

    When "못하다" is used as a verb, it means "to be poor at" or "to be unable to "
    In other words, It shows that one can not do something because of one's lacking of an ability, or an external cause against one's will

    나는 수영을 잘 못해요.
    I'm not good at swimming. or I can't swim well.

    나는 수영을 못해요. (나는 수영할 줄 몰라요.)
    I can't swim. (I don't know how to swim.)

    나는 수영을 전혀 못해요.
    I can't swim at all.

    오빠는 술을 잘 못 마셔요. 오빠는 술을 잘 못해요.
    Oppa can't drink much. Oppa is not good at drinking alcohol

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