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Help me friends please :)

I have a problem I face it most of the time. When I listen to English songs, some of them I cannot understand all of its lyrics but when I read the lyrics online I find that I know most of the words! How can I solve this problem guys?

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    There is no easy way to teach your brain to recognise words.
    The most effective way is to listen to a native speaker, and question them when you did not understand the word.
    It's take time and repetition.
    I offer such a lesson, please feel free to book a class :)


    Well, it is very easy, but you will have to dedicate time to it.
    The reason why you don't understand the songs when you listen to them is because you are 1) used to only reading the words or 2) you are used to hearing the words isolated, but you have not learnt to recognise them when they are pronounced among other words.
    So what you can do is this:
    Choose a song that you like, preferable one in which the singer pronounces clearly. Then read the lyrics and listen to the song. If you don't recognise the pronunciation of a word in a setence (it seems like a word is missing or the sounds are not clear) then listen to that sentence over and over again, until you can recognise what sounds are actually pronounced. For example in the sentence "Did you know it?" will most likely be pronounced as "tjtja nou e" if the singer sings fast. Once you have listened to the sentence several times and you can actually recognise the words, it means your ear is getting used to the sounds. Then move on to the next sentence. Until you finish the song. Then listen to that song for at least three days, you will notice that at the third day the song will seem to you as if they were singing slower and that you can hear and recognise the words naturally. Do that with at least 10 songs (that should take you about a month, but it will help you a lot. I recommend to do the same with audio books, if you don't have, let me know, I can send you some.

    I am having the same problem learning german. I can read a lot of it, but listening to radio I can understand 1 word out of 10. I am just about to subscribe to Yabla for german to jumpstart my listening comrehension. Here is the english version if you want ot take alook and try the demo videos:
    I think the "Slow" feature is nice along with the subtitles below in both languages.

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