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What are these in English?


I can understand the characters and phrases separately, but together I don't understand it.
Thank you for any help.

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    Most of these sentences do not have the subject of the sentence, so I can only "guess" what it could be. (These missing subjects or objects are placed in parentheses).

    そんなあなたと仲良くしたいからに決まって --> It is certainly (/without a doubt) because (he) wants to be on good terms with the kind of person you are.

    おまえのご主人様はつれ(て) --> Bring your husband along.

    仕方ねえなあ。。。 It can't be helped / There is nothing we can do. (This is the colloquial pronunciation of the standard Japanese sentence 仕方ないなあ)

    This sentence is missing both the subject and the object, so I am guessing what it means:
    。。。そんなに嫌かあ --> Does (he/she, or any other personal subject) really dislike (you, it, him, her, or any other object) that much??

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