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איך אומרים בעברית

1. a pregnant pause (a pause in conversation that in itself has meaning, and indicates that something significant is about to be said)
2. an accident of birth (for example, someone happened to be born into a rich family, it was an accident of birth that they are rich)
3. to dabble in something (that is not doing it seriously)
4. more than meets the eye
5. to get away with something (e.g. to get a away with a crime, or to get away without doing something)
6.a necessary evil
7. making a virtue out of a necessity
8. a vicious circle

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    חלק מצירופי המלים האלה פשוט לא קיימים בעברית.

    1. אין מקבילה מדויקת, אבל "הפוגה/הפסקה דרמטית" יכול להעביר את אותה המשמעות.
    2. "זה מהבית" / "זה (אצלו/ה) בגנים" ("it's in the genes"). often accompanied by a nudge nudge, wink wink.
    3. באופן חובבני (can mean both "as a hobby" or amateurishly, depends on context)
    4. דבר שלא נגלה לעין / יותר מהנגלה לעין.
    5. "לצאת מזה" (אפשר להוסיף "בלי להתפס")
    6. רוע/רע הכרחי
    7. an indirect equivalent would be מעז יצא מתוק - "out of the strong, something sweet" (Samson's riddle for a beehive inside a lion's carcass)
    8. מעגל דמים ("blood circle", obviously limited in scope to violent conflicts)

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