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Why would you say that? 心静自然凉


A wrote a diary about how the weather is too hot and I can't sleep at night. Someone wrote a comment 心静自然凉. I looked it up and it is an idiom which translates as 'a calm heart keeps you cool'.

I'm sorry, but I cannot see why they would use it here. My heart was calm, it has nothing to do with the temperature outside, nor can a heart control the weather.

Why would they say that here? I must be missing something because it makes no sense to me at all. What is the story behind this saying?

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Are they trying to say, if you stay calm, you won't be affected by the heat? I can't believe that either, because it's not true.

Oh, I'm so confused by this.

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    心静 a peaceful mind, 心静自然凉 used to describe the calm nature of a person. when someone encountered some problems or troubles,frustration, he could deal with it calmly. that's where it should be used.
    in your case, we do use 心静自然凉 a lot, more like a joke:”calm down, then you will feel cool“
    scientificly speaking, not wrong, because when you are anxious or irritable, your body is more active and consume more energy, that's how heat is generated in your body :)

    your heart is not so much sorrow, resentment, regret heart, optimistic, relaxed state of mind, active life, not because of the hot weather and restlessness. Actually refers to a state of mind, pay attention to inner peace.This is probably it.

    心静自然凉,keeping peaceful heart may make you feel cool.That may not scientific,well,there emphrase the feeling,not actully temperature.That comes from a Buddhism sentence.It always stand for one of spirit conditions.

    心里平静,内心就凉快——这是本义(literal sense)。以前白居易去拜访一个禅师(Chan master),白居易觉得天气热,但禅师说说一点儿也不热,很凉快。后来白居易写了一首诗《题恒寂师禅寺》。后来 引申(evolve)为以一颗平常心(a normal attitude)去处理(deal with)生活中的各种问题与困难。
    What you should do was not just make your heart calm down but also you forgot the hot.

    Are they trying to say, if you stay calm, you won't be affected by the heat? I can't believe that either, because it's not true.

    it is a common saying ,I think you ve kind of got the meaning ,but just you don't agree with that ,in Zen Buddhism ,.the coolness is a psychological feelling,and it becomes part of Chinese cultural, when we were young we were taught so,it teaches one to be self-control to be calm ,just like this。

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