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how to properly say "try" in the correct situations?

I know that there are a few ways of saying "try", but depending on the situation is its to try to eat a certain food or to visit somewhere you use a different "try".
Can someone please explain to me the different types of "try"...尝试。。。试一试。。。and more.

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    i'll try my best to answer you questions.
    here are some examples:
    1.这瓶盖太紧,我拧不开,你来试试。or试一试 “尝试”is not appropriate here.
    2.你应该尝试不同口味的冰激凌。or 试一试

    i can only go so far. hope this helps you a little.

    尝试 is bit formal, wihle 试试 is wat we often say, and which is actually at most frequency we use.
    试一试 is also used ,but not as casual or usual as 试试。So simply you don't have to use the 一,it does have no other function but probably to slight your tone (mood)

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