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How to make verb in serpski?

many words in Serbian take end different of font.
govore become (Govorim, Govoris, Govori)
radi become (radiiti, radila, radio)
How can? How to take the end of font like (ti, la, o)

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    Well, this is kind of a long story :)
    GOVORE means "They speak" and the infinitive form of that verb is GOVORITI, "To speak". To add those endings, you first need to get rid of the verb ending TI and what you get is GOVOTI.

    In the present tense, for this kind of verb, the endings will be -M, -Š, -/, -MO, -TE, -E:
    - I speak = govoriM
    - You speak = govoriŠ
    - He/she/it speaks = govori (notice that there is no ending)
    - We speak = govoriMO
    - You all speak = govoriTE
    - They speak = govorE (notice that it's not GOVORIE, but GOVORE)

    For the past tense, you use VERB STEM + O / LI / LA / LE.+ JESAM (in the present tense). "O / LI" is added when talking about a male person / persons, and "LA / LE" when talking about a female person / persons:
    - I spoke = govoriO SAM (male) or govoriLA SAM (felame)
    - You spoke = govoriO SI (male) or govoriLA SI (felame)
    - He/she/it spoke = govoriO JE, govoriLA JE or govoriLO JE (neuter)
    - We spoke = govoriLI SMO (men, mixture) or govoriLE SMO (only women)
    - You all spoke = govoriLI STE (men, mixture) or govoriLE STE (only women)
    - They spoke = govoriLI SU, govoriLE SU pr govoriLA SU (neuter plural)

    The same happens with the verb RADITI, "To work":
    Radim, Radiš, Radi, Radimo, Radite, Rade
    Radio/la sam, Radio/la si, Radio/la/lo je, Radili/le smo, Radili/le ste, Radili/le/la su

    I really hope you understood just a little of what I was talking about. If you have any questions about Serbian language, please do ask me and I'll be glad to help with everything I can.

    Srećno! Želim ti sve najbolje! :D

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