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Is this grammatically correct? "lilitratuhan ko ang pupuntahan namin"

This is a sentence my friend wrote me before leaving.
"lilitratuhan ko ang pupuntahan namin"

I know what it means... well I think I know what it means : "I will take a picture of the place where we'll go".
However, can we really omit this part of the sentence: "the place where" in "a picture of the place where we'll go"? Is it that we don't have to mention it because we can suppose it since "puntahan", the verb, means "to go to a person or a place"?

However, I think it would make more sense to use the noun puntahan, which means "the place to which one is going", and then it would be written as follow: "Lilitratuhan ko ang puntahan namin" --> I will take a picture of the (our) place we're going.

Ano sa tingin ninyo?

Thanks in advance for your help. (by the way... how to say, "thanks in advance" in Tagalog? haha)

P.S: If this question isn't clear, please let me know, I'll try to add more details.

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    Kukuhanan ng litrato = will take picture. Lilitratuhan is fine but I never heard anybody say that. Hm... that sentence doesn't sound right and incomplete.

    It should be either...

    "Kukuhanan ko ng litrato ang pupuntahan naming lugar/tao/halaman or whatever the object should be."
    "Kukuhanan ko ng litrato yung pupuntahan namin." (In this case the object can be added or not)

    You can't omit "pupuntahan" because it's the word that says that you're in the act of going.

    "Lilitratuhan/ Kukuhanan ko ng litrato ang puntahan namin." = I will take picture of our place.

    Thank you in advance = Salamat nang maaga, I've seen and used it a lot in formal letters.

    Hope I answered your question. :)

    "lilitratuhan ko ang pupuntahan namin" yes its grammatically correct!
    Most of pinoy words are repeating. Like kakain(going to eat), lalakad(going to walk), lilitratuhan(take a photo)
    Even in common names like janjan,tintin,penpen etc.

    Im pure tagalog from bulacan. I could help you with our native language tagalog/filipino. I dont have heavy accent like most pinoy-bisaya does. I can teach you too slang, formal and informal way of speaking.

    Im working on my english language too! So, if you want we can teach each other! Or if someone here does then catch me at skype rodgemulang.

    Sana naipaliwanag ko ng maayos sayo! Maraming salamat! Chill!

    Can you translate this in english?

    Una na po ako ha!
    Kumain na po ba kayo?
    Wag na po, Nakakahiya naman po sa inyo..
    San po ba kayo nagpunta?
    Para san po ito?
    Ang gusto ko po sanang handa ay cake!
    Math po ang paborito ko pong subject..
    Kakukuha nya lang ng birthcertificate nung alas tres ng hapon.

    Game! :)

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