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How good is my pronunciation in these tongue twisters?

Hello, I have been practicing how to pronounce in a proper way both th sounds. Please give me some feedback. What am I doing wrong? what am I doing well? how is my rhythm?

Thank you for your time. It is very short only 20 seconds.

Thrust three thousand thistles through the thick of his thumb.

These things that these things think, they're the things that these things think.

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    The stress and intonation on these are good, even when you say them at normal speed. Great!
    I can clearly hear the difference between the voiced and voiceless TH's. Also great!

    Work on: The sound of the "short i" in think, thick, thistles. It's coming across as "theenk" and "theeck". I can understand all of them, but if you want something to work on, that short i would be the thing.

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