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What's the difference between 나는 날고 싶어 and 나는 날아가고 싶어?

Both of them mean "I want to fly" but why are they different?

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    The first sentence means I want to fly, but the verb of second one is a compound verb. Fly(날다) + Go(가다).

    Anyway, you can use both of them in any situation, but the second one is more natural.

    Ex) I want to fly to New York. (나는 뉴욕으로 날아가고 싶다.)

    "날다" means "to fly or float in the air", and "날아(서) 가다" means "to go with/by flying"

    How are you going (there)? 어떻게 갈거니?

    날아(서) 가다. (with flying)
    걸어(서) 가다. (with walking)
    달려(서) 가다 (with running)
    기어(서) 가다. (with crawling)
    차를 타고/차로 가다. (by car)
    기차를 타고/기차로 가다. (by train)
    비행기를 타고/비행기로 가다 (by airplane)

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