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Could you please tell me whether it is "to see" or "to watch" a film? Are both right?

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    Well its kind of tricky. You can go see a movie, and you can go watch a movie. However, once there you can say that you are watching a movie. But you wouldn't normally say you are seeing a movie. Normally if asking friends you would say something like "would you like to go see a movie?" And if you are at home you would normally say you are going to watch a movie, or watch TV. Interestingly I was watching "Leave it to BEaver"(an old TV show from 1950s and 60s) and one character said "I'm going to go look at television", so I think at one time that was a normal expression that fell out of use.


    Yes I would agree with the above answer, both are possible. Just be careful with the nuances of these two verbs, for example we only say "watch TV" not "see TV."


    I think 'seeing' implies going somewhere to see it, but 'watch' means watching it on television, and this would apply to movies, concerts, sporting events, etc. But it's not a rigid distinction, and in the past tense it gets blurrier: "I saw the Rolling Stones on television last night".

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