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what does this english sentence mean?

"i was new to sorrow, but it did not the less alarm me."
what is the usage of "the less"here? am"i" alarmed or not??
could somebody explain that to me? thanks

Additional Details:

this is form frankenstein. when the boy's mother died and he was about to leave home. but could you tell me what does"the less" mean here, and give me another example?? thanks a lot~

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    You should think of "not the less" as a unit, in slightly more modern terms, like "nevertheless" or "nonetheless" (still formal and/or literary). That would give you:

    I was new to sorrow, but it alarmed me nevertheless.
    I hadn't experienced sorrow before, but it deeply affected me all/just the same.
    Naga's translation
    etc., etc.

    "not the less" is not common in current usage, so additional examples don't leap to mind. Note it, but move on. :)

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