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I don't understand this word of a short film from YouTube!

The film is 'The Nice girl' and I understood most of it but there are a few words I couldn't understand and I need your help! I recommend you to watch it, it's good =)

(1:05 - 1:14)

"Well, yeah you know you've got to give people the benefit of the doubt, I mean, how would the world be like if if everyone thought ________________"
- Oh, I agree

(1:47 - 1:54)
"I think I'll just ________________,thanks."
" Don't assume _____________________ right?

(3:45 - 3:50)

-What did you do?
- _____________ things.

(3:57 - 4:01)
Kathy, Nice girls ___________________________.

(5:53 - 5:57)
You get fired from your job and you ____________a homeless guy your money

(7:09 - 7:12)
You're gonna mess your hair up and rip your shirt ____________who cares if if one of your boobs ___________ right?

( 7:18 - 7:32)
and if he doesn't hire you back____________ in there _____________ you _________and you own that company.

- Yeah, and _________
- Of course ___________

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    someone was out to get them
    walk myself home
    everyone's out to get you
    filed things (referring to her job)
    don't play the silent treatment
    you're out there giving
    open...pops out
    right then and there, on the spot, with a raise, you have his ass thrown in jail
    Yeah, and that will work?
    Of course it will work

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