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How to make a conversation

Conversation is the most sociable of all human-beings activities. It's important in everyone's daily life. However, how to make a good conversation was not as simple as I think.
I think a good conversation should based on the acquaintance of each other's background. For Chinese people, a person from Beijing city will begin with a sentence like " 您吃了吗?". Also some topics should be forbidden for some people if he from some city with some culture, it's the respect to others.
Thus, what I want to ask is what kind of topic is forbidden when people talk with each other in your place? Which sentence did you usually say when you start a conversation?

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    I think that we should not talk about the religion when doing a conversation with each other as it creates a debate. All the religions are equal.
    To start a conversation with new people, generally we starts from greetings like Namaste in Nepal (Hi, hello) and then conversation is continuing.

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