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Which chemical element has the shortest name? Answer

Sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi based the face of the Statue of Liberty on whom? Answer

At the beginning of the 1990s which country had the most camels? Answer

What word do we use to describe the Asexual reproduction of a genetic carbon copy of an animal or plant? Answer

If you have 6 black socks, 4 blue socks, 8 brown socks, and 2 red socks in your sock drawer, what is the minimum number of socks that you need to pull out in the dark to be sure you had a matching pair? Answer

If ax*x + bx + c = 0, then what is x? Answer

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    I only know the last question's answer: x=-b/2a

    1- TIN
    2- On his mother and the body was modeled after his wife, Jean Emilie.
    4- CLONEA
    5- At least 5, so that at least one color has two socks!
    The last question have been amswered..

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