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비싼, 비싸다

I am confused when looking up dictionary the word "expensive". Sometimes it is 비싼, sometimes is 비싸다
- 비싼차 (an expensive car)
- 차가 비싸요 (car is expensive)
I thought it was an adjective, wasnt it?


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    Let's make clear some things:
    "비싸다 " means "to be expensive", it's like our infinitive form "to do, to make etc.."

    - 비싼차 ---> here 비싼 is adjective
    - 차가 비싸요 ---> here is not adjective, but verb
    비싸요 is the coniugated form of 비싸다

    This, to me, is one of the coolest things about Korean: the descriptive verbs. You may have to ask someone else to explain in more detail (another question on italki maybe; however, there is this:, but in Korean, all words that would be adjectives in English are verbs in Korean.

    Here's another link for you:

    I would explain more, but I'm terrible with this sort of thing.

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