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turkish grammar

ok,i have been learning turkish, but it's really hard to!!
i know few words and sentences,how ever,i couldn't make a sentence!!! sometimes it's sub+obj+verb and sometimes it's totally another thing!! please help me!! i am about to give up!! i have visited too many sites but none of them seems to work for me!!

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    subj comes at the beginning of the phrase (usually). and the verb comes at the end (usually). however, you can mix their places and your sentence will still be meaningful.

    Ben dün Ankara`ya gittim. (the basic and the easiest way)
    Dün Ankara`ya gittim. (the most common way, we can omit subjects because we conjugate the verbs according to the subject)
    Ankara`ya dün gittim. (the difference between the previous example is, now we emphasize the word "dün" because it is just before the verb. Therefore it means we want to point the time period. On the other hand, the previous example puts stress on the word "Ankara`ya", destination).

    I recommend that you stick to the basic formula and omit the subjects whenever you can. It will save you most of the time. However even if you will mix the order, people will still understand you. Just like Russian.

    Dont ever give up! :)

    Merhaba, öncelikle panik yapmanıza gerek yok. Türkçe ile sizin bildiğiniz dil arasında grammer açısından ufak bazı farklılıklar var.

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