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Proper Chinese terms

Hi I'm writing something for class and I am trying to find the correct simplified Chinese terms. I want to know the best way to say "love for the family" or "familial love" and also "appreciation for nature" originally I picked out 亲情 and 体味 but someone told me
That 体味 means body odor not appreciation. Is this true? Any suggestions for the right characters to use? Thanks! 谢谢您

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    it fine to pick 亲情.
    体味 has two meanings: does mean body odor,when you use it as a noun. means "feel deep inside" when you use it as a verb.
    using 体味 singly cannot express "appreciation for nature" enough, maybe you can try 体味自然 or 品味自然 .
    the later one is better.

    hope this can help =]

    体味,It sounds not better and let people feel the mean of body odor first. When you want to express "love for the family" or "familial love, the terms "亲情" is the best. When you want to express "appreciation for nature" , you can say 品味自然,品 meams taste as a verb and 味 means the feeling when you taste something, so 品味自然 means that you are close to nature , touch the nature and enjoy the cheerful feeling. There are many terms about 品味, for example 品味人生

    For "appreciation for nature",I don't know the English meaning exactly. If the "appreciation" here means "understanding of the good qualities or worth of nature, we can say "赞美自然". If the "appreciation" here means "thanks", we can say "感恩自然".

    YES. it does have that meaning and i wouldn't use the word "体味" as a noun for this.
    appreciation for nature: 对大自然的欣赏or 品味(creative use)
    appreciate 欣赏or 品味(which is a creative use)

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