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What is the meaning 大概多少分钟能到?

Please Look at this conversation:

- 大概多少分钟能到?
- 不堵车的话一个小时。

1- What is the meaning of 能到 in the question and when should we use it?? Please give simple examples if you can.
2- What is the meaning of 话 in the answer?? Is it a single independent word here OR is it related to 不 ?? I mean like this: (不... 话) Can you explain it and also give simple examples please??

Thanks a lot for your comprehensive answers!!

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    Sorry, My Chinese is not good enough for examples, but since most of those competent to answer are asleep, maybe a quick answer for now.
    能到 is really to get there. = can arrive
    How long till we get there?

    - 不堵车的话一个小时。

    的话 = assumed
    Assuming no traffic jams ...1 hour - the last %XX are 的话
    的话 (dehuà) may be used with or without 如果 (rúguǒ) or 要是 (yàoshi) at the beginning of the sentence.

    1.能到 is not a phrase exactly,you can split it into 能 and 到 to understand better. 能=can,can be 到=arrive,reach......
    2.In this sentence, the correct phrase should be "不.....的话" or "....的话",
    不堵车的话一个小时= It will take one hour if there is no traffic jams.
    堵车的话一个小时= It will take one hour if there is traffic jams.

    hope this can help =]

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