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Translation of 还有的喜欢安静的坐着

Does it mean:
The others like sitting in the quiet?

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    This is just a solid structure of Chinese sentence that usually describe what about people doing. For example: Some people like seeing sunshine
    Some people like swimiming in the sea
    some people like sitting just queitly
    It's just different people are enjoying different things.

    Your translation is fine.

    I think the translation of this sentence would be more like "also some like to sit quietly", since "还" means "also" and "有的" means "some", I don't know what does the word "有的" refer in this sentence, but I assume it refers to "some people". Also I think it should be "安静地坐着" instead of "安静的坐着", since the word "坐着" is a verb, or a motion, so it should be "地" instead of "的" before a verb.

    give you a complete sentence:some people like standing ,others like sitting in the quiet(有的人喜欢站着,有的人喜欢安静的坐着)
    so i thing think Weiyang Luo's answer is more accurate .i hope i can help you .

    I prefer to translate so:

    And some like sitting in the quiet. "还" means "in addition","not only ... but also ..."

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