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What are your tips for speed-reading successfully?

As Title. Thank you.

PS I was to post this on discussion board and right away changed my mind for non-cultural or day-to-day concerns, but I might change my mind again if not much feedback to come here. Sometimes I get confused where to post what as an italkier LOL, thanks again.

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    1. Try reading information with a pencil /biro. Keep your pencil along the lines you are reading. Your eyes will get used to following the pencil. Then gradually move the pencil faster.

    2. Read the whole phrase, don’t focus on separate words.

    3. Capture as much as possible

    After you’ve managed to read entire sentences, try to expand your viewing angle. Practice !At the beginning you won’t be able to capture all the ideas, and you will lose some information. You will get used to perceiving the whole sense, without losing anything.

    The reason for slow reading is the fear of missing important information. So you keep going back, re-reading the same paragraph again and again . Learn not to go back.

    Speed in reading won't come in a day or a night, it is a process which needs practice as much as you can. You have to gain a good amount of vocabularies which will allow you to read fast. Just read anything comes in front of you in anywhere, after a while you will find your reading speed increased and you are able to accommodate most of the text which you are reading.

    Hoping my suggestion helped you :)


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