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박 & 밤

can anyone let me know the difference btw 박 & 밤. I can see ppl say 2 days 1 night (1박2일)

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    "1박(泊) 2일(日)" may means "(a period of) 1 night and 2 days "

    한자, "머무를 박(泊)" means "to stay in order to sleep", so it may imply the meaning of "night(s)"

    for examples,


    무박(無泊) 2일 동안, for 2days, without a sleep (over night)

    우리는 3박4일 동안(for 3 nights and 4 days), 제주도로 여름휴가를 다녀왔다.

    Only 박 is used for counting nights. 밤is not and only used to indicate night(s) in general. Hope it helps.

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