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    What a nice question:) In this sentence, あまり is used as adverb, not noun. Thats why あまり in this sentence doesn't need の. However, なじみ has only function of noun. Therefoere, to modify ない行事, you have to put の between なじみ and ない行事.

    +examples in using あまり as adjective, あまりの多さ, あまりの驚きに, あまりの暑さに etc etc....
    And you don't have to put any particle after なじみ when using it as a part of predicate or predicative usage.
    ex) このグローブは、わたしの手になじみやすい=predicate
    これはわたしの手になじみやすいグローブです=predicative usage.

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