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Is Arabic an easy language to learn?


Yes; it is easy to learn.
3 steps to learn Arabic easily
1- learn the Arabic alphabet
2- learn mostly used words in greetings
3- learn verbs and conjugations

For learning: Arabic
Base language: English
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    not really difficult if everyday you get to converse with those speaking in arabic...

    arabic is hard, you can't imagine the how much words you have to memorise
    and there is what we call "shakl" witch means that every letter can be pronounced differently according to many rules
    , and people who say it's easy, it's easy for them not for foreigners, but arabic is a very logical language, you have to love it in order to learn it
    start with alphabet, and then with verbs and conjugations, you can't learn it yourself, you have to attend a school, also I highly recommend that you watch to news because the language is simple and clear, just listen to it everyday, you need to work hard , Good luck

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