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The location of nouns and verbs within a sentence.

我们想办法解决这个问题。I saw this sentence in a workbook I am using, and it translates into, "We should think of a way to solve this problem"

我们想解决这个问题, makes sense to me because it follows Subject-Verb-Object order. However, I do not understand why 办法 placed where it is. I do not think that 办法 modifies 解决, because 办法 is a noun. If someone can explain this to me, I would be grateful. Thank you!

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    Subject-Verb-Object order here is right. here, 我们 is Subject, 想 is the verb, but 办法 is the Object, 这个问题 is not the Object. AND 解决这个问题 is the adverbial modifier. 解决这个问题 is used to show the purpose of 我们想办法.

    Hi you may think of it this way. The verb in "我们想解决这个问题" is "想." Here "想" is equivalent to "want to," whereas in "我们想办法解决这个问题" the verb can be thought of as "想办法." "想办法" is more like "thinking of a solution." So if you translate the sentence literally word for word, you would get something like this: "We are thinking of a solution to solve this question/problem."
    (Translating Chinese sentences word for word into English can often result unnatural English, I am doing this for the sake of explanation.)
    解决 = to solve
    Note: Grammatically, I know there is only one verb in English sentences, but I am not so sure about it in Chinese sentences.

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