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I have some questions according these sentences, please answer me!
这本书是宋朝人写的,宋朝的皇帝姓赵所以书上的第一个姓就是“赵”。男人的名字用“虎”,“龙”,”海“的多一些。现在女人的名字变化比较大,有的和男人的名字差不多。妇女不愿意再叫那些花呀 ,草的名字了。还有很多孩子有小名, 叫起来很亲切。还有的小名是用一些好听的词儿起的。

5_what does meaning 和 in this sentence plz?

6_what does meaning 那些 and 呀?plz
妇女不愿意再叫那些花呀 ,草的名字了。

7_what does meaning 小名 in this sentence plz?

8_what does meaning 起 and亲切in this sentence?plz

9_what does meaning 词儿 and 起 in this sentence plz?

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    5.和means ( with.)
    6.那些means ( those ).呀 is a tone,it‘s insignificance.
    7,乳名means(infant name)for example,a person called 王小明,and maybe his infant is 明明oder
    8.起.I dont know how to explain.亲切 means (kind)
    9.词儿 means( word) 起means (the parents gives your name)

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