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Please take your place in the _____.

A. queue
B. file
C. line
D. row

Note: I have heard people say “a row of people”, “a line of people” , and “a file of soldiers.”
I googled the phrase “take one’s place”, someone says it means taking “up the physical position or status in society that is correct or due for one.” Would you say there are at least one correct answers? (I added C myself)

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    C would be the best choice, though you would probably hear it without "the": "take your place in line". Now if you were to call a business and were put on hold you would be put in the queue (of calls)". Now i you were to go to a concert or movie, the usher may tell you to take your place in the row (meaning that you have a ticket for a specific seat ina certain row), but that wouldnt be a normal saying other than in this case. Now kids in school or soldiers may walk in a single file line.


    Hi! As you probably know, queue is not used in American English (AE) in the sense of a line, as a line at a bus stop.

    We would say "Take your place in line" in AE. (Most often without the use of "the" before "line.")

    We would also say "Please stand single file" or "Please stand in a straight row." But these sound like commands given to elementary school children rather than adults.

    We would not usually say "Take your place in the row or the file."

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