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What does, good morning,good afternoon and good evening in Korean?? ^____^V

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    You can say "좋은 아침" which means "good morning" :D

    All at once " 안녕하세요 " :)

    안녕하세요 - Can mean Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening. But literally it means "Are you at peace."

    That's why often you will hear Koreans say it as a question for example.
    A. 안녕하세요? (Are you at peace?)
    B. 네, 안녕하세요~?. (Yes, How about you?)

    좋은 아침 = Good morning.
    좋다 - to be good
    아참 - morning

    You could also use Konglish and say "굿모닝" like this as well. : )

    Your best bet is just to use 안녕하세요~ though. ^_^

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