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-던가 등에 쓰이거나 grammar

I have a question.

보통 무섭다라는것은 귀신(Ghost)을 본다던가 등에 쓰이거나

I understand what this sentence means. It means "Usually 무섭다 is used when you see a ghost or smth (in this kind of situations)".
But still I have some question. Could you explain me the point of ' ...던가 등에 쓰이거나'? Ending 거나 I see for the first time.

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    ~거나 : a conjuntional ending : или
    또는 : a conjuntion : или
    There are two ways to connect two clauses or sentences in korean language.
    Using a conjuntional ending 거나 (또는) using a conjuntion word.
    Sometime both are used together to emphasize the next sentence.

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