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What is mean this word: مافيش او مفيش?

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    it is an Egyptian dialect, It means "Nothing".
    Its meaning differs from one context to another,

    When someone asked you ın Egyptıan dialect: "what happened ?!" "حصل ايه ؟ "
    and you want to say, "Nothing happened!", then you reply with: "مفيش "

    also if you asked a vendor or a salesclerk if a product exists in the shop,
    he would reply "لا مفيش" it means "No there is not".

    Also if you wanted to say "There is no one her" = "مفيش حد هنا"

    it means "doesn't exist" or "there's no"
    for example:
    مفيش مية means there's no water
    in MSA it's لا يوجد

    it's an Egyptian dialect Arabic word which means "there's no"

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