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hiya guys! please ahkili is it true that when you start to learn Arabic...?

please ahkili is it true that when you start to learn Arabic at first you should learn the words and then learning alphabet and read?

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    that's definitely right.
    Because Arabic will be easy and understood if you understand the logic of the letters with vowels too, and that's too easy to memorize the letters, you just need to practice your pronunciation.
    Be sure knowing the letters, you'll be able to read anything in Arabic with no need to someone native speaker to help.
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    "when you start to learn Arabic at first you should learn the words and then learning alphabet and read?"

    Better to learn alphabet firstly.

    But, by "words" how many words do you mean?
    If you want to learn very very basic words, like greetings, then it's OK. You can learn greetings at first and then learn alphabet and learn how to read these greetings in Arabic letters.
    But if you learned many words without learning alphabet, you'll face many difficulties ( when using Arabic learning books, dictionaries...etc.), and also you'll feel that you wasted your effort, because you won't be able to read the words (which you know), just because you don't know the alphabet.

    just learn it like any other language, alphabet first , memorise some words, some grammar and conjugation and reading and listening will help you learn faster

    Arabic is my native language.. and in school, we started learning alphabet before words (of course we already knew Arabic words).
    In my opinion, you should take a look at the Arabic alphabet while learning a small amount of words (for example, try to find words that consist of letters you have already learned) that would form a connection between letters and words.
    and whenever you hear an Arabic word, try to analyze it into letters... Practice makes perfect :)


    I have been learning Arabic for about 8 months. I am so glad that I learned the alphabet first. Before starting, I thought learning the Arabic script would be so difficult and I wondered if I was wasting my time, but it only takes a few weeks to learn if you revise it every day. Now I can read and write with confidence (although still slow, but getting faster!).The much bigger problem is learning and remembering the vocabulary and grammar. However, if know the Arabic alphabet, these tasks become much easier, because many related words are derived from the same set of root letters and you can often recognize these easily when you look at words written in Arabic script.

    My advice is to invest some time to learn the script at an early stage, you will not regret it.

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