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What is the difference between 줍다 and 따다?

I know that 줍다 means "to pick up/ to nip" and 따다 means "to pick/ to nip/ to clip", but I can't realize when I have to use the first one or the second one.
Could you give me a brief explanation fo each word and some examples with each one please?
I'm not a native English speaker, therefore it's a little bit more difficult for me. Anyway, thank you very much for your help!! :)

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    따다 (especially) ' to pick something from the plants'. So, you can say, 사과를 딴다. 나무 열매를 딴다, 싹을 따다(to nip buds).
    줍다 pick up something from the ground or lower place than your hands, 돈을 줍다, pick up the money (on the street),

    There are more meanings for 따다, but you will also can guess the meanings. Good luck!

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