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"그거 " what stands for?

I mean,
"그거 몰라요" this right to say?
그거 stands for 그거를 (그걸) or 그거가 (그게)?

I ask because sometimes koreans in chat don't write 'particles' so I get often confused!

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    "그거(를) 몰라요" may mean "그 것을 몰라요(I don't know of it)".

    "그거" is the contracted form of "그 것" for a spoken expression.

    spoken(informal) - written(formal)
    거 - 것
    게 - 것이
    그거 - 그 것
    그건 - 그 것은
    그게 - 그 것이
    그걸 - 그 거를 - 그 것을
    그걸로 - 그 것으로


    In french i think it means "Je ne sais pas", or "Je ne ça sais pas". However... "I don't know that!"

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